SimpleSwap Invite System

Recommend our service to your friends and get crypto rewards together.

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How it Works
Step 1
Copy and send a link

Every registered customer can find a unique referral link in the personal account. It can be used to invite friends who have never made exchanges on SimpleSwap before.

Step 2
Let your friends get $50

When some of your invitees follow the link, sign up, and successfully finish the first exchange on our service, this person gets 50$ in BTC to their balance in the customer account.

Step 3
Enjoy 0.4% BTC cashback

When all these conditions are met, we immediately activate for you a 0.4% Bitcoin cashback subscription for 3 days. You can get up to 15 days of the BTC subscription per month.

More Details

Ground Rules

When does the bonus apply?

The SimpleSwap trading system is integrated into the largest cryptocurrency stock exchanges. There is no deposit storage, only instant coin exchange on our service. So we are able to find the most profitable exchange rate for our customers in a very short time.

How many friends can I invite?

The maximum number of people who can use your referral link is 5 per month.

What happens to my current subscription plan?

It will be frozen for as long as the bonus days last, and then will come back into effect.